CFAS is an international financial services group with many years of experience in advising Government and corporate clients worldwide on a wide range of areas including:

  • Infrastructure
  • Project Financing
  • Debt Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Government and Public Sector Finance

CFAS and its teams have an extensive track record of sovereign debt rescheduling and successful structuring and financing of infrastructure and PPP projects for clients in the highways, ports and in the power, water and aviation sectors.

Front and reverse faces of a Florentine florin, 1252.

The Florin, as a unit of currency, first appeared in Florence in the 13th century and florins have continued in use for centuries.
Respect for the best traditions of banking as a service to commerce and governments still guides CFAS, controlled today by descendants of the foundersĀ of a Florentine bank dating back more than two centuries.