Curacao – Hato International Airport

18th December 2007 Zakelijk Curacao News of Airport Offer

3rd April 2008 Unique Zurich + Camargo Correa Selected Investor

29th January 2009 Unique Zurich Airport & Camargo Correa acquire Hato Concession

30th January 2009 Zurich acquires 51% of Hato Airport Concession

10th February 2009 Unique Zurich-Hato International Airport


Reynolds is back – Joint Bauxite project – February 1989

Press announcement of sale of Berbice bauxite mine to Reynolds Aluminum – January 10, 1990
(CFAS advisor to Government of Guyana)
Reynolds and Government in major deal – January 1990

Guyana & Brazil: Financial Advisors to the Government of Guyana in connection with the debt swap between the two countries to eliminate some of the debt between the two countries, offset some, and transform the residual balance into quoted Bonds. – November 15, 1989