Demerara Bauxite Terminal, Guyana – Structuring a financing for the terminal, at the time, the first foreign financing by a Guyanese entity for nearly ten years.

Water: New Amsterdam, Guyana – Financial Advisors on the water system rehabilitation project, financed by the European Development Fund.

Cheddi Jagan Airport, Timehri, Guyana – Financial Advisors to the Government on securing and negotiating a management contract by BAA.

Guysuco – Advisors to the Government for the management restructuring and rehabilitation programme after the 1989 sugar crop nadir of 123,000 tonnes to recovery by 1992 back to the range of over 200,000 tonnes. Drafting terms of reference and supervision of work on the World Bank and UK ODA supported Booker Tate development plan for Guysuco; 2000-1: work on funding plans for the new sugar mill at Skeldon now implemented with multilateral funding.

Guyana & Brazil; Financial Advisors to the Government of Guyana in connection with the debt swap between the two countries to eliminate some of the debt between the two countries, offset some, and transform the residual balance into quoted Bonds.

Rice – Financial Advisors to the Government on the privatisation of the state rice estates and mills.

Export Programmes – advisors to the Government on Caricom export development programmes through three Caribbean Central Banks to help reduce Guyana’s Caricom debt (including two projects involving Demerara Distillers).

Mining – Financial Advisors to the Government on planning and detailed negotiation of SYSMIN financing from the EU for the bauxite industry.

Mining – Financial Advisors to the Government on the sale of the Berbice bauxite mining operations of BIDCO to Reynolds Aluminum and financing of a new investment programme.

Telecoms – Financial Advisors to the Government on the telecommunications sector privatisation.

Guyana – Retained by the State Planning Secretariat and Office of the President for advice and management of government teams from several Ministries working on the IMF and Caribbean Development Bank programmes, state sector restructuring and divestment programmes.