Aviation – Financial Advisors to the Aruban Government on the successful rescue of Air Aruba, the national airline, including the process of assumption of control by Government, recruiting a new management team, complete renegotiation of all debt, negotiation with aircraft manufacturers and airliner leasing groups for the re-equipment of the airline’s fleet of aircraft, and recovery to viability in preparation for privatisation.

Debt Restructuring; Financial Advisors to the Government on management of state borrowings from the NIB of the Netherlands and divestment of three Italian (SACE) and Dutch export credit guaranteed private sector hotel projects rescued by Government and successfully resold.

Financial – Assistance to the Government in developing a new banking law for the AVV corporate entity and the new bank supervision agency (acting as members of the Government’s Joint Financial Sector Commission).

Planning – retained by the Office of the Prime Minister for advice on the strategy for tourism sector expansion.

Desalination Plants – financial advice – Aruba; Water & Electricity Board (‘WEB’).
and Curacao; Aqualectra.