In 2018, CFAS were appointed financial advisors to Clarendon Alumina Partners, the state holding company for Jamaica’s ownership share of Jamalco, a world renowned alumina refinery and bauxite mining business. Our work in 2018 and 2019 involved structuring and preparation for the necessary revised financing arrangements in preparation for the subsequent incorporation of Jamalco.


CFAS were appointed financial advisors to the Ministry of Finance of Anguilla following a competitive international tender process. CFAS were retained to carry out Debt Management Studies in three phases;  a Short Term Debt plan, a Medium Term Debt Management Programme and thirdly an analysis of six key state entities in order to identify those most suitable for structuring as PPP Concessions.

Following this, CFAS was to start immediately on implementation of the first two projects under PPP structures. Work started on the new Blowing Point Ferry Terminal, but policy changes led to this work being temporarily postponed. Subsequently, extensive damage caused by Hurricane Irma led to the project being revised for implementation under UK Grant Aid. The second project is the Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport expansion project and work on the initial phases is currently in progress

Curacao – Hato International Airport

18th December 2007 Zakelijk Curacao News of Airport Offer

3rd April 2008 Unique Zurich + Camargo Correa Selected Investor

29th January 2009 Unique Zurich Airport & Camargo Correa acquire Hato Concession

30th January 2009 Zurich acquires 51% of Hato Airport Concession

10th February 2009 Unique Zurich-Hato International Airport


Portugal – Advice to the petrochemical group CNP (now part of LinnhoffMarch-KBC Energy) on restructuring of the group’s debt and capital structure and arrangements for recapitalisation financing.